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Invermere Garage Doors be your #1 choice for garage door repair in the Colombia Valley! A working garage door gives you the convenient access to your home or business you need — while at the same time offering the curb appeal you want. Give us a call for any of your garage door problems, big or small — or get in touch when you’re building or considering adding a custom garage and garage door to your property.

Our experienced garage door team offers a number of services, including:

Invermere Residential Garage Door Repair

Garage door won’t open? From broken springs to damaged doors, any number of issues can cause your home’s garage doors to malfunction. Plenty of homeowners attempt to fix those problems on their own — only to put themselves at risk of injury, or to make the simplest problems even worse. Don’t be that guy!

When something isn’t going right with your residential garage door, call Invermere Garage Doors first to get your questions answered, and to make an appointment for us to inspect and diagnose your issue. You might think you can fix the problem yourself eventually — but why bother when you can get us to finish it in far less time, and for a great price?

And when it’s time for maintenance of your residential garage door, we can handle that too. From lubricating the door’s many parts to cleaning, painting, or balancing the door for proper function, our home maintenance service may be just what you need.

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Tracks Came Off The Wall

Needed to put in proper back framing in order for door to stay on the wall.

Invermere Garage Doors Spring Repair

Garage door springs are what counter balances your garage door to make it very easy to open the door. When a spring breaks there is usually a loud ”BANG” and your garage door won’t open. Without a wound torsion spring you would have very difficult time lifting the door, some residential doors in Calgary can weigh anywhere from 100 to 300 lbs. Garage door spring replacements costs vary, based  on the size of the door.

We will change your spring will full installation and also adjust and lubricate your door as well. We use only the best quality, high cycle torsion springs. We carry torsion springs to fit all brands of garage doors.

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Wayne Dalton Conversion

Garage Door Spring Replacement

Invermere Garage Door Openers

If you have a residential or commercial garage that currently requires you to open it manually, it may be time to upgrade it! Whether that door is becoming increasingly difficult to open and close or you’re not as young as you used to be, and you want more ease of use in your garage, we can help you with the retrofit of a new garage door opener.

With a relatively simple job, we can install an automatic garage door opener for your home or business. Imagine never having to walk outside in the rain or snow — or in the heat — to open that garage door. With the automatic openers, all it takes is the press of a button!

Having trouble with your existing garage door opener? Or is it opening up randomly?

We can handle that too. With our years of experience in the business of garage doors and their various parts, it often takes us just a few short minutes to diagnose the issues you’re having with your garage door. From there, we can often offer same-day repair service.

Whatever your garage door needs, be sure to give Invermere Garage Doors a call!

Read more about who we are through our Google Customer Reviews.

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