Contemporary Insulated Garage Doors

Brushed Nicked Finish, model AFLR (custom placement) with optional insulated Satin Etched glass.



The new Modem Tech steel garage door is built using Northwest Door’s time proven sandwish-type construction, a construction metod unparalleled in strength.  A 24 gauge steel smooth extgerior skin and a stucco embossed interior skin are pressure laminated to a 2 inch R10.4 expanded polystyrene core (EPS) using urethane adhesive. This forms a natural thermal barrier or Thermal Break. ( A thermal break reduces the transmission of cold or hot air from one side of the door to the other).

20 gauge steel backer plates are toggle locked to the inside of the back skin prior to assembly for attaching door hardwaqre.  Fleible seal is added at section joints to minimize aire infiltration. Heavy-duty 18 gauge steel end caps are secured to each end of the door sections.  R12 insulation is an available option.  Doors are available in four standard colors, interior color on all doors is Bright White (see color samples).

Modem Tech doors ae available in any width up to 18 feet wide in one inch increments and heights up to 14 feet using 24, 21, and 18 inch high door sections.

Doors are equipped with standard lift bracket mounted track, a 10,000 cycle torsion spring counterbalance system and 10 ball nylon rollers.  All on-door operational hardware is galvanized and secured to the door sections with zinc plated fasteners.  Manual push-up operation is standard, optional electric operation recommended. Optional extended life cycle, high lift, low clearance and poowder coated finished hardware are available.

Style A (41 - 1/4"W x 14 5/17" H)

Style B (41-1/4"W x 7-5/32" H)


Window frames are high quality aluminum and painted to match the door face.  they are available in 3 sizes/styles.  1/8″ clear annealed glass is standard. Choose from a multitude of glass types. 

Style C (14-5/16"W x 14-5/16" H)






Limited Lifetime Warranty

Modern Tech doors come with a limited lifetime warranty against deterioration due to rust-through for as long as you own your home, a twenty (20) year warranty against deterioration of insulation efficiency (Thermal Drift) and a five (5) Year warranty against delamination.  Hardware and accessories are warrantied against defects in material and workmanship for one (1) year.



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