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Specializing in automatic door installations and repairs, we’re your go-to source for diverse styles and trusted brands, meticulously tailored to match your building’s unique specifications. With years of expertise, we swiftly diagnose issues, often facilitating same-day repairs.

Serving the Invermere and surrounding areas, most automatic handicap operators are classified as ‘low energy’ for wheelchair-accessible doors. Don’t be misled by the term ‘low energy’; it simply refers to door operators with switches. These versatile auto door openers can be easily configured to function as either ‘low energy’ or ‘fully automatic’ systems.

Our offerings include both standard-duty and heavy-duty models capable of handling doors up to 700 pounds. We provide seamless installations on a variety of door materials, including glass, aluminum, steel, and wood. Our door openers are fire-rated for use on fire-rated doors, with the option to incorporate a fire alarm disconnect.

In addition to their automation capabilities, our systems offer power assist when doors are operated manually, ensuring ease of use for everyone. We also specialize in integrating lock and security systems, as well as stack and wind pressure compensation for enhanced performance. For spaces with limited overhead clearance, we offer low header room door openers.

Furthermore, our retrofit solutions for swing doors are designed to meet ANSI A156.19 standards, ensuring safety and compliance. Count on us as your dedicated experts in automated entrances in the Invermere and surrounding areas!

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